What We Do


Managing property and casualty risk in today’s business environment calls for a special combination of far-sighted vision and a close eye on details. Your ability to focus and follow through on details keeps your organization in compliance with a myriad of legal and regulatory requirements. At the same time, your ability to look ahead, anticipate contingencies, and take effective action can make the difference between business survival and business success.

Maintaining a strategic vision is a constant challenge.  To meet the challenge, you need specialized, professional advice and services.

Our philosophy is based on communication. Understanding our clients’ business is essential in modeling a solution for their needs. Our approach is founded on a close partnership with our clients – a relationship where we work together to find solutions. We provide actuarial models that are practical, realistic and reflect timely information. Just as importantly, we present our results and analysis so that they are understandable to all users. Our risk modeling toolkit provides our clients a better understanding of their business and product risk profile.  This understanding leads to improved risk management and enhanced stakeholder value.

Organizational Transformation

We deliver significant impact to organizations undergoing or anticipating profound change. We provide guidance drawn from deep expertise on leading an institution, structuring its operations and building its capabilities to improve its performance.  We work with our clients – sometimes over the course of years – to identify their challenges and then master the changes required for both short-term and long-term success.

We work to transform the business models of clients facing major strategic discontinuities and risks. This transformation can take many different forms, including a major repositioning of the customer value proposition, a move to a simpler, lower-cost operating model, and a fundamental change in the relationship with suppliers. We utilize major change programs to see through potential transitions and identify necessary business capability upgrades.

Operations and Technology

Strategic improvements to Operations and IT can make a huge impact on the return a firm earns on a particular business design.  We bring market-leading IT organization design, IT economics management and Lean Six Sigma Enterprise Transformation expertise to our clients to significantly improve their operating performance and capacity, service levels, quality and organizational capabilities. A detailed understanding of the business drivers of profit and performance in the financial services, insurance and high tech industries allows us to apply specialized skills and methodologies to improve cost, quality and delivery.